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5 Senses Friday - 3/17/23 "Spring" In Your Step

Springtime is a season for all the senses. I hope the joy of preparing your outdoor space for all the good times ahead fills you with wonder and creativity in the coming weeks. Continue the journey of looking for small moments of connection outdoors as you take in the beautiful landscape.

Time to get those outdoor spaces ready for all the good times ahead! Here is your spring clean up checklist, and 3 tips to spring clean your backyard.


I love looking at pretty porches! Here's beautiful porch inspiration pictures get you in the decorating mood this spring!


Enjoy the song of the birds as a melodic backdrop to all your outdoor endeavors – for truly, they are a gift not to be taken lightly…they sing from the heart! Flocks of finches, buntings, thrushes, sparrows and grosbeaks are coming back now and joining our backyards! Nests to be built and songs to be sung remind us there is much to be done outside this spring season.


At our house we make smoothies almost daily! My girls love adding different combinations of fruit (and sometimes I get to sneak in veggies). They're going to love creating and tasting this rainbow smoothie!


Making homemade sourdough bread is all the rage right now! The aroma of fresh bread baking is so delightful and perfect for sharing on your porch! I have enjoyed it at restaurants and bakeries but I have yet to make my own, but this easy recipe with troubleshooting tips is taking the intimidation factor out of trying!

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