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5 Senses Friday - 3/31/23 - "Egg"citing Easter

Love and joy are abundant in the Easter season, and so are the memories we make while filling baskets, planning egg hunts, and preparing delicious meals. We celebrate life in it’s fullest on Easter filled with God's love, eggs and candy, bunnies and chocolate treats!

Need gift bags, treat sacks, table setting cards, or cute handmade decorations for your Easter gathering? Make this adorable, inexpensive, super simple Paper Bag Bunny!!!


Burn off that extra energy from the jelly beans by getting outdoors for some fun! From crafts to scavenger hunts, here are fresh air Easter activities that everyone can enjoy!


A VERY SPECIAL EASTER is a quick 3 minute video of crayon drawings that animate real-life responses from children as they talk about Easter. Their unfiltered and heartfelt responses mix the silly and the sacred to powerfully illustrate what makes the story of Jesus and Easter so special.


Easter is a great time to share a well loved family recipe! Here is a beloved handed down Grandma's Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting recipe-the perfect desert to share this Easter! Tried and true and made with ingredients your grandma would trust!


We’ve all known how to dye Easter eggs with food coloring, right? And while some might say that you are just dyeing the outside of the egg, the reality is that more often than not that color seeps in through the shell and colors the egg. Enter this homemade, natural easter egg dye! Let the smell of fruits and veggies cooking fill your kitchen as you create safe natural food coloring.

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