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5 Senses Friday -4/12/23 - Welcome to Patio Season!

Create a "Welcome to our Patio" feeling with tips from this week's blog! Inspiration on beautiful outdoor spaces, tasty drinks, birdfeeders, plants to keep pests away, and tips on how to make it all happen with new habits!

We all need fresh inspiration when it comes to decorating our outdoor spaces for spring and summer. Southern living has put together 64 design ideas to get your decorating juices flowing!


These clear plastic bird feeders have been stalking me on amazon so I decided to purchase one! I can't wait to get it and see beautiful birds fly right to my window for up-close viewing! My girls are going to love it!


Springtime can get busy with kids' activities and to do lists for home improvements! I've been learning about the concept of "Habit Stacking" as a powerful productivity tool to be more intentional with your time (so that you can enjoy your downtime outside on your lovely porch). I love the idea of connecting a new habit you'd like to develop to a well developed habit as a cue. In this podcast, James Clear author of the book Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Break Bad Habits and Build Good Ones explains it all!


We love getting creative with our cocktail and mocktail making; trying new things all the time! This list is sure to be fun to make and delicious to try~35 drinks to welcome patio season!!


Many people are familiar with the scent of citronella, as they can often catch a whiff of it coming from citronella candles and bug sprays that contain citronella oil. But before citronella made its way into these products designed to repel pests, it started off as a beneficial garden plant that looks great, smells great, and is super easy to grow. You don’t have to be a green thumb in order to know how to grow citronella, in fact, it is a simple plant that you should consider adding it to your planter this year...

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