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5 Senses Friday -5/12/23 How to Avoid Patio Design Mistakes

Designing an outdoor space is a fun exciting project (at least for me!!) As an extension of our home, the outdoor patio becomes our summer living room! A backyard is an investment in relaxation and making amazing memories with your loved ones. Whether you're thinking of sprucing up what you already have or you're diving into a total transformation, you'll want to consider the following factors to ensure it comes together the way you're envisioning! From patio size to furniture arrangements, plants and décor, there are so many ways to design your space so you'll love it for years to come and it functions exactly like you dreamed. Click on the pictures to link you to my top tips to keep you on track...

TIP 1- Furniture arrangement! Move your furniture around, purchase more pieces or get rid of too much in order to create the best function and flow to your space. A common pitfall for patio dwellers is to have a poorly laid out furniture arrangement. Sometimes you can lose half of an area’s visual space by a simple couch being turned the wrong direction. Consider your regular usage patterns of the patio furniture and see if there are any ways to optimize your layout. If you are designing a layout, consider how you and your family will gather in that space. Here are some options on how to arrange your furniture outside!


TIP 2-Create a focal point! Your outdoor space needs an anchor! The focal point will serve as the primary gathering spot and the heart of your patio arrangement. It might be a sectional sofa or a fire pit, but incorporating a focal point brings your patio from good to great! So many options for focal points, read on...


TIP 3- Divide and Conquer! No one wants to constantly hear, "excuse me, pardon me" while relaxing in the sunshine on the patio! Having a bad flow of traffic can make your space feel cramped. Even though you’re outdoors, it’s important to adhere to several of the rules you’d follow for decorating an indoor space. Most importantly, you want to define zones so that every area of your porch or patio has a purpose. Separate areas for activities such as cooking, conversation, and relaxation.


Tip 4- Serve up Mocktails! My pregnant bestie recently introduced me to the idea that every place including my patio needed to be serving up a delicious alternative to alcoholic beverages! If you're planning the menu for your Memorial Day party, you've likely made a list of everything you need: food, beer, and of course rosé. But, don't forget options for all your non-drinking guests!! Make your party inclusive by offering amazing Mocktails like these non-alcoholic drinks everyone at the party will love (including the kids)!


Tip 5-Container Plants! The smell of fresh flowers mixed with the colors and textures plants provide is pure patio perfection!! Planter pots full of flowers seriously up the beauty factor on the porch and patio!! Did you know planters can function as a great way to create privacy or direct the flow of traffic??

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