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5 Senses Friday -5/26/23 Patio Tips and Tricks

Create an inviting patio you'll enjoy all summer long with these tips and tricks!

Need more help creating the outdoor space of your dreams? Head over to my e-design page by clicking the link at the bottom and lets get started!

DIY Aged Terracotta Pots are inexpensive, easy and beautiful! Aged terracotta pots can give your garden a romantic weathered look. You can cut to the chase and make your new terracotta pots look like they’ve been there for decades with chalky lime, which turns any pristine pot into a relic.


The LED Dusk to Dawn light bulbs (outdoor) are the perfect upgrade for your outdoor fixtures that automatically turn on and off with daylight, no scheduling required. They take one thing off your to do list each night and cut energy costs too! Available on amazon and most local hardware stores.


Investing in your peace and quiet can be an important upgrade to your outdoor space! Blocking out traffic noise, neighborhood noise, and loud air conditioners could be your next step toward a happy outdoor space in a busy world. Here are expert tips on how to reduce noise in your backyard!


Keep bugs from swimming in your drinks by topping glasses with baking cupcake liners. Poke a (reusable or paper) straw through the hole and enjoy your beverage pest-free. More ideas here...


Enjoy the smell of fresh herbs growing all summer long right on your porch! Pull some cilantro for taco night and some mint for your mojito fresh from your own garden! If you're limited on space or like accessibility, these Dollar Tree stackable planters are perfect for you! Ideal for growing lettuce, herbs, strawberries, and annual flowers, stack a few or stack a lot, all you need to do is decide whether you prefer a colorful display of flowers, a salad garden, or an herb garden to guide your plans.

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