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5 Senses Friday -5/5/23 Top Outdoor Trends 2023

Create outdoor rooms filled with layered lighting, jamming music and no bugs! Grab mint for your mojito from the edible landscape and fill your space with your favorite people! These top trends in 2023 will have you brainstorming amazing upgrades to the function and style of your porch and patio! At The Porch Project we like to create moments throughout a property where each area is functional, stylish, and curated. We spend the initial part of our design process listening to the client's needs, concerns, and how they see themselves using the yard regularly.

Create outdoor "rooms" and bring life outside! I love the idea of another top trend this year, creating functional pretty spaces throughout your yard. If you have a larger outdoor space, divide the yard into zones dedicated for different activities or purposes, such as outdoor entertaining, gardening, an area for the kids to play.


Create outdoor ambiance with this upgrade- layered lighting. Having proper lighting makes your backyard, porch, or patio a more comfortable place to be for dinner parties or impromptu late-night drinks. Lights also make larger spaces safer, especially for kids. Solar LED landscape lights combined with Edison string lights and floodlighting give a high-end, tiered look. It also adds a beautiful evening glow while the rest of the garden isn't able to be in full view. Lighting can be inexpensive and easy to install yourself.


While you are spending all this time in your outdoor spaces, you're going to want to jam out to your favorite tunes! Here are the top picks for outdoor speakers to amplify your mood and space!


A top outdoor trend this season is the concept of edible landscapes! Increasing interest in eating healthy and buying locally is popular everywhere! Why not try growing clean, organic produce at home?? Here's where to start....


Combine fresh air, essential oils, and bug protection with a portable diffuser outside on your table! The Aroma Outdoor Diffuser (on amazon) comes with a chemical free citronella essential oil blend to keep bugs away. Super portable and runs on AA batteries so you can move it around easily. Ideal to have running during your next get backyard together, camping adventure or porch picnic.

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