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5 Senses Friday - 2/17/23 Laughter is the Best Medicine

Surviving the last few weeks of winter is no joke! Give your immune system a boost, increase blood flow, and reduce stress by laughing more-We all need it! Share a joke, watch a funny movie, dance in the kitchen, play tug or war with your pet, or chat with a friend. Humor will help you stay healthy and warm!


—Charlie Chaplin


I love making lists, who doesn't!!?? And even better-checking it off! Daily to-do lists have been shown to increase productivity and improve mood. I love how making a list helps me keep track of my life! Why not use planners, post it notes, and list pads that make you LAUGH OUT LOUD while you fill out your latest tasks, ideas, purchases, and accomplishments? The company Knock Knock gets it! They consider list making and laughter to be essential forms of self care!


As much as we love the outdoors, snuggling up on the couch is our favorite winter pastime. Survive the last few weeks of winter belly laughing while checking out these hilarious films! Here is a list of the 150 best comedy movies...


As a medical clown, TED Resident Matthew A. Wilson shares that laughter truly is the best medicine! In this heartwarming talk, he shares glimpses of how clowning around can help patients (and medical staff) navigate stressful situations -- with no side effects.


Elevate your family movie night with the best and yummiest popcorn recipes around! Laughter, good snacks, and cozy nights!


Malicious Women Candle Company is an women owned company that serves up sass through ethically made candles (and you can get on amazon for about $20 bucks)

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